Eleven ordinary people share their extraordinary stories of God's intervention in their lives.

Healed by Faith;  Jane Finch - The story of her son's healing and how it affected others, the power of prayer, and the importance of believing.

The Lord Allowed Me to Live: Michael Selch  - Michael's story confounded the medics. Specialists came to see him because they couldn't believe that he was still alive.
A Miraculous Escape: David Templeman - David walked away unscathed from a car crash that could have killed him, allowing him the opportunity to right a wrong.
Prophecy Fulfilled;  Eileen Templeman - a story of answered prayers and the gift of a much longed-for child.

Testimony of Healing; Juliet Hawkins - just weeks to live and taken to a hospice to die. Then the breath of God healed her and now she runs a Church in Spain with her husband.

Amazing Grace; Tracy Taylor - the awful pain of Shingles was unbearable until a  car journey with a friend changed everything.
God is my Provider; Janice Tapp - amazing provision for daily needs enabling her to continue with her work with the homeless and needy.

I'm Still Alive!;  Bishop Jerry Lee Garza Taylor - the amazing story of Jerry's wife who defied the specialists to live a life serving God.

Home of Peace; Ray and Marilyn White - every day is a miracle as God provides for the children of Home of Peace in Kenya.
Answers to Three Real Needs; David Templeman - when things seemed impossible, God intervened.

Twelve Months to Live. Margaret Holmes - the prayers of faithful friends brought about a wonderful healing.